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Ask us about our testing options.


Ask us about our testing options.


Ask us about our testing options.
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Your project or event will be completely managed by our experienced administrative team and staffed with our team of dedicated medical professionals. Through every service offered, Valhalla Medics aims to support our clients by keeping their employees safe & their businesses open. We provide the very best event medical services nationwide because our medical professionals are trained to operate under stringent COVID-19 compliance standards. The “new normal” is constantly changing, but our incredibly adept staff is up to the challenge of changing alongside it.

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Importance of event medical services (EMS)

First aid services are the need at every event, festival, or ceremony. If you want your event to go as planned without any mishaps, then it is important that you hire EMS for your event. Once you hire set medics in NYC, the worry is all theirs.

EMTs should be present at each gathering where there is gathering. Because anything unexpected can happen where people are gathered. Rather it is a wedding ceremony, a sporting festival, or a convention.

What is meant by EMS (event medical services)?

EMS is designed to provide first aid at events. Once you hire EMT, it is their responsibility to keep an eye on the whole event and respond immediately to any incident reported. They are experienced to provide first aid to minor injured patients and they also provide services to take patients with serious injuries or illnesses to the hospital immediately.

Having an event medical service of NY on board could avoid the trouble of mishaps, worse situations, and unpredictable incidents. It is also the legal requirement to keep your attendees safe at the event.

Serving most prestigious events in NY

We earn the title of best, as we provide the best paramedical services for events with experienced staff and the latest equipment. We make sure to provide all the required accessories that can be needed in case of emergency.

We are working with loyal clients for years. We have worked with the most prestigious events in NYC, and we have made some loyal clients after working with top events in New York.

How do we work?

Set medics NYC provided by Valhalla Medics is aimed to deliver the best. Our moto is based on these three pillars:

Safety for all

We guarantee safety for all. Once you get in touch with us and hire the Valhalla Medics team for your event, it is our responsibility to make your guests feel like they are protected and cared for.


We are a certified EMT company. Rest is defined by the experience of our valuable clients with us.


When it comes to handing over your event to someone, it demands great trust that is earned by event medical services of NY. If you don’t trust us, you will not be comfortable with leaving your event’s management in our hands. We make our clients feel comfortable with us by providing all the details answering their queries and showing them around to feel satisfied with the staff, services, and equipment.

How can we help you?

We can help you by organizing your event. If you are going to launch your new product and this is extremely important for you then having us on board will be a wise decision. If you want to spend time with your valued clients and guests then it can be only done if event medical services of New York take over for you.

We look after your guest’s medical needs, which means.

If any of them suddenly cut their hand or fall from a slip, we provide quick first-aid.

Illness caused by extreme weather conditions will be handled.

Illness like high blood pressure, low sugar, or angina can be treated temporarily on spot, and the patient will be taken to the hospital by using the services of a standby ambulance and drivers.

What you will get if you hire us?

  • Qualified and experienced staff
  • Emt’s, set medics NYC
  • Advanced paramedics
  • Doctors and nurses
  • Counseling and administrations staff

Contact Valhalla medics to get your estimate:

If you are confused about prices and you want to get an estimate for your event, then you can get in touch with us directly, and we will guide you with the estimate. Click the link.