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Corporate Medical Services

The success of any business, big or small lies in the performance of the employees. If employees are happy, healthy, and satisfied with their company they will give up on the mark performance, hence keeping the company on strong pillars.

Employers must take care of their employees so they don’t have to worry about their health issues, and don’t even have to spend a lot of money on regular checkups. If the employer is concerned about his employees, it will make the employees feel at home. They feel relaxed, boosted, and stress-free. And it gives them a reason to perform well, while they are at work. This is why corporate health testing should be mandatory for every business owner.

We bring personalized testing solutions to keep your workplace safe & open.

  • Professional techs that will test your staff swiftly & discreetly

By hiring Valhalla medics for corporate health testing, you will get guaranteed good work from experienced staff and professional equipment. We also provide multiple package options to make it affordable for our clients.

  • Onsite & offsite PCR testing available.

PCR or polymerase chain reaction testing is a test to immediately discover infectious viruses like COVID. It is a fast test that quickly catches the infectious virus if there is any. Onsite and offsite PCR testing is available in corporate health screening services.

  • Virtual consultations available.

A virtual consultation enables you to provide consultation via video conferencing technology.

  • Corporate drug testing.

Drug testing is important to know about the mental state of the employees. An employee needs to be in the best mental health to perform best. Corporate drug testing can help improve the performance rate by assuring the healthy mental state of employees.

  • Corporate alcohol testing

Corporate alcohol testing might be required if the company organizes a get-together for employees or even in the daily work routine. Corporate alcohol testing from time to time will keep track of the employees if any of them have a drinking problem.

  • Rapid PCR

Rapid PCR is very helpful when it comes to a contagious disease like COVID, which can cause more infected people if the virus is not caught immediately. In that case, rapid PCR provided by corporate testing services will be effective.

  • RT-PCR

RT-PCR or reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction in which laboratory testing is done is also included in the corporate services.

  • Antigen

The presence of antigen is detected to find the proteins of the virus in the human body. Antigen detection testing is also included in the procedure.

What is a corporate testing service?
Some companies keep organizing health camps for their employees for regular checkups, but they weren’t many before the covid has made our lives different. But now, the trend has been set. Because all the institutes, organizations, and companies had to arrange covid testing services for their employees to keep everyone in and out safe. These kinds of programs held by companies are known as corporate testing services.

Corporate testing services are provided by third parties like a business owner who hires a company that provides corporate testing services to perform required testing for their staff. Either it is a covid testing or any other testing required for events or family dinners held by offices. In short, corporate testing service means that the employer has to work with a medical company that can provide corporate testing service for the employees.

Corporate health testing benefits

Corporate health screening helps keep employees updated about their health to avoid any serious health issues in the future. Here is what you can expect in corporate health screening:

Health history:

In this step, your previous history or ongoing checkups, or health issues history will be assessed. It helps them know about any work-related health risks of the employee. This also helps sort out the disease that could occur due to the current state of an employee or due to the family history.

Lifestyle check:

This step involves general questions about lifestyle to know about the well-being of an employee. The purpose of this step is to know about the daily routine of an employee. Whether it is a healthy lifestyle or not. They are then guided about healthy lifestyles for better health and avoiding diseases in the future.


Now the most important part of the procedure is corporate health screening. This step involves a series of tests that will help find out hidden issues if there are any. These tests help keep track of the HB and other deficiencies. Even if there are no health risks, iron, vitamin, and other deficiencies could be monitored through the screen, which can otherwise cause health issues.

Why corporate health screenings are so important?

Corporate health screenings are important because they can keep the performance of employees on track. If a company owner arranges corporate health testing for its employees, it will make the employees feel that the company cares for them and so will they. It will improve productivity by improving health and boosting the morale of the employees.

Valhalla medics is a reliable source if you are finding compatible and recognized health services for your employees. It is a job of an employer to provide a home-like environment and feel to the employees to improve their productivity. For employees to work in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, they need to be healthy and stress-free.


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